Enjoying alcohol without de-railing fitness goals

Generally speaking, consuming alcoholic beverages in excess will derail your fitness goals. Excessive consumption can lead to decreased testosterone and your body’s ability recover and build muscle post exercise. While we don’t condone binge drinking, we know many of you will still enjoy an adult beverage here and there and that’s ok, as long as it isn’t in excess.

Many mixed drinks have a TON of sugar and calories. For example, just a single Pina colada contains 526 calories! This is mostly due to the high calorie mixers. The actual liquor in that drink, rum, is only about 1/5th of that. When considering mixed rinks, usually the liquor is around 100 calories for 1.5oz so choose a low or no calorie mixer such as soda water (simply carbonated water) which adds 0 calories. If you need a little flavor, give it a squeeze of lemon or lime which will only add a calorie or two.

Another high-calorie culprit is craft beer which can be in excess of 300 calories per drink. Compared that to a light beer or seltzer, which is around 100 calories per 12oz serving. Wine is generally around 125 calories per serving, but again, keep it in moderation.

Hydration is also key to recovery. Alcohol dehydrates, this is primary the cause of hangovers. For every ounce of alcohol you consume, your body can expel four ounces of liquid, according to Jim Woodford, PhD, a forensic chemist specializing in drugs and alcohol. Drink water before, during and after alcohol consumption. This can decrease hangovers and minimize damage.

Another way to offset damages is supplementation. There’s a variety of things you can take, but to keep it simple, I’ve personally found Party Aid to help reduce hangovers when chugging a can after drinking, before bed.

In summary,

  • Make low calorie choices
  • Drink MORE… Water!
  • Pace yourself
  • Moderation is key
  • Supplement if needed








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